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Positive Reviews for SSLL Clinics

10/28/2015, 5:30pm PDT
"I felt the sessions with coach Max were spot on with the content and methods.  Max focuses on strong fundamentals without overteaching.  If all coaches focused on the same basic concepts that Max uses, and the players practiced those concepts, the Sunnyvale Southern players as a whole would improve greatly." -Majors Coach
"The ASA clinics get better each time... I love the extra clinics that we have taken advantage of because the ASA clinics have given my players some extra time to work on the basic fundamentals.  Joe and the other coaches are always responsive and available and willing to work with me on whatever I need so I am grateful for their help!" - Farm Manager
"At this level, keeping the kids interested and paying attention can be challenging. But Jason did a great job of that by being funny and sharing examples from current MLB players to illustrate his points." - Majors Manager
"Working with Duane from ASA worked out great.  We kept things simple by working on one, maybe two areas per practice, moving from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques.  By having the same coach for each session, it allowed us to really make an all around difference for our young players." - Angels Manager

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